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RTF-1 Rev. 7/14/10 MUST SUBMIT IN DUPLICATE STATE OF NEW JERSEY AFFIDAVIT OF CONSIDERATION FOR USE BY SELLER Chapter 49 P. For information on the Realty Transfer Fee or to print a copy of this Affidavit visit the Division of Taxation website at www. state. nj. us/treasury/taxation/lpt/localtax. htm INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING FORM RTF-1 AFFIDAVIT OF CONSIDERATION FOR USE BY SELLER STATEMENT OF CONSIDERATION AND REALTY TRANSFER FEE PAYMENT ARE PREREQUISITES FOR DEED RECORDING No county recording...
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Judge Grant: Welcome to Court Clips. I’m Judge Glenn Grant, administrative director of the courts. Court Clips allows us to give you a closer look at some of the programs and procedures of the New Jersey Courts. In this episode, we’re taking a look at the Special Civil Part of Civil Division Narrator: When people disagree and can’t resolve it themselves they may want someone else to decide the issue. But some are intimidated by the idea of going to court. They may think their case is too small or not worth the time and expense of a court case. New Jersey’s Supreme Court took that into consideration when it created Special Civil Part. Special Civil is a part of Civil Court designed to handle disputes quickly and at minimal expense to the parties. They can proceed with an attorney or on their own. If a plaintiff goes to court without an attorney, that is called Pro Se. In order for Special Civil to work as it does, there need to be limits. A plaintiff who wins in Special Civil Part can get no more than 15 thousand dollars in damages. That is the most the court can award. Typical cases handled in Special Civil Part include, bill collections, breach of contract, property damage caused by a motor vehicle accident, return of money used as a security deposit and others. Since Special Civil Part is a court of limited jurisdiction it may or may not suit your needs. You can get more information about Special Civil Part and other court programs by visiting the Special Civil Part office at your local courthouse and our website NJ courts dot com.